Philippe Hilger,
Senior Network & Systems Engineer

699 rue Marie Rollet
St-Bruno de Montarville, QC J3V5R6


34 yrs old (1968)

Areas of Expertise


March 2001-today

SITA/Equant, Montreal, Canada

Senior Security Service Development Engineer

  • Backbone firewalls development and deployment
  • IP Service Nodes firewalls development

Nov.99 to March 2001
SITA/Equant, ATL

Team Manager and System & Development Engineer

  • As a Team Manager, I had to build our team in ATL, which grew from 1 to 5 persons, and solve many conflicts between English and French speaking staffs.
  • As a system and development engineer I followed on supporting all IP Department Systems issues and access management, and in the same time I followed on coding small tools for network troubleshooting and management purpose.

Dec.97 to Nov.99
SITA/Equant, NCE

System Engineer and Team Leader

  • Projects definition with Marketing, Operations and Engineering Departments. Projects follow-up, betatesting, validation, integration, support and improvement.
  • As a Team Leader : Planning and prioritizing the activities for 2 other persons in System Management team, activity reporting

May 97 to Dec. 97
OSYS Ingenierie

Contractor in SITA's Nice IP/LANAS Center of Excellence

  • Administration of supervision and troubleshooting systems used by the Center of excellence
  • Tools and procedures development
  • Leader of Change Management and Trouble Ticketing projects
  • Domain name systems administration for LANAS/Internet Gateway customers

1994 to 1997
CEGEDIM Group, PAR - Facilities Management for Pharmaceutical Industries

Network administrator - Assistant to Network/Telecom Manager

  • Network supervision
  • People training on network questions
  • Internal Consulting and Support
  • Providing Expert Level Network Support to customers
  • Hardware & Software Solutions validation
  • Tools development
  • Processes definition and documentation
  • Remote connections support and follow-up
  • Management of one technical engineer and one network engineer

Education & Training



IBM, HP, Sun servers and workstations, PCs, IBM mainframes
Unix systems (AIX, Solaris, HP/UX, Linux), Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/Me systems, Novell Netware, VM/ESA, OS/2
Network & Protocols
TCP/IP, IPX, X25, Frame Relay, ISDN, PSTN Modems, Routing protocols
Unix shell, awk, Perl, C/C++, Java, Javascript, HTML
General knowledge of security related topics (firewalling, NAT, proxy, IP Tunnels, encryption) + experience of Cisco ACLs, TCP_wrapper, and Firewall/proxy PC-based software

References & Links
This personal site is currently being built. It's a web site on Brazil and Rio de Janeiro in particular. It's hosted on several servers including a personal linux-based server, also acting as a firewall for my private LAN.
Distributed Internet Network Management System (diNMS)
This site is hosted at SourceForge and supports the OpenSource project I recently initiated and handle both as project manager and developper. The site is currently being developped. For more information about the project, you can go here.
MultiLanguage WebSite Generator (code name "MLWSG")
This is the second of my OpenSource projects. This one just started end of May 2002. The website is not yet started, but you can get more information about the project itself at SourceForge.
Various web development to support SITA Network Operation Centers worlwide

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